Support small quantity
Cookercool is your good supplier for serving griddles and cookware. Many other
suppliers of cast iron cookware supplier usually don’t have cast iron cookware in
stock. Goods stay long time in warehouse, it will cost money.
If inventories cannot be sold out, cast iron cookware turns out to
be scrap iron. So most suppliers won’t prepare inventories if orders not come.
Small quantity is not acceptable.
Cookercool find a way to solve this problem. Any items listed on our website are
supported small quantity. Welcome to inquiry at any time.
Improve taste of your food
Cast iron cookware is good at heat holding and distribution.
Food contained in our cast iron serving griddles will keep hot for longer.
Thick iron wall helps food reserve original taste.
Update new serving griddles frequently
We have strong R&D personnel. And collect demands from market. Exquisite shapes
play a very important role to impress on customers when they have dinner at your
restaurant. Beautiful serving griddle will evoke foodie’s appetite. Cookercool is a good
partner to attract more foodie for you.
Flexible application
Different shape cast iron pan can fit different wooden tray. Cookercool offers more
choice for you. Some cookware is used in indoor, such as frying pan. Serving griddles is
used on table. There is always one item fitting for you.